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White Ink Pyrography Equipment(DTF) - The Future of Printing

Fast, convenient, fully customizable. With our white ink pyrography equipment, achieve unparalleled printing effects and make your innovative designs a reality instantly. Experience now and see how we turn your ideas into printing art!

Process advantages:

1. The operation is simple, printing + pressing can be done in 2 steps, no need for plate making, and you can get it right away
2. The equipment occupies a small area and the input cost is low
3. Water-based ink is safe and environmentally friendly, and the nozzle has a long service life

4. Can print fine lines, washable logo, accurate alignment, bright colors, no need to cut waste, unlimited transfer fabrics and colors

5.1 personalized customization for printing from 1 piece, suitable for the characteristics of quick response of current orders

6. Soft hand feeling, high fastness, good stretching and rebound effect, fastness up to 4.5 grades

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White color hot stamping new scheme

Unlimited fabric,low costsimple operation

1.White color with environmental protection paint pyrography scheme is a subversive application process of clothing pyrography

2.Solve the problem offussy fabrics in direct spray printing processand the newhot stamping process does not limit material transfer printing

3.Beautiful color,unlimited pattern,can make natural hollow breathable effect,washing fastness up to 4.5

4.No plate making, no waste discharge, no laminatinggreatly improving the production efficiency

5.Fast delivery time, break through the restriction oftraditional process plate matching,direct output of a set of desirable

6.Cost-effective, small footprint, no need for high equipment investment and site, greatly reducing the investment cost

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